Kacific is a new broadband satellite operator specifically designed to deliver high speed internet to the enterprises, agencies and remote communities of the Pacific islands, Indonesia, the Philippines, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. With direct-to-the-building speeds of up to 50Mbps, our satellite will substantially improve the access to affordable broadband for all islanders, local businesses and collective systems.

Thanks to its cost structure and distribution model, Kacific has an attractive business plan, leveraging the opportunity of addressing the endemic lack of broadband supply in the Pacific. A wide range of partners are already involved in the project and have already started giving shape to Kacific’s new value chain. Satellite operators, telecom infrastructure providers, tourism industry players, local governments, regional aid programs and local companies all have a role to play and will benefit from the new Kacific ecosystem.

Kacific is member of the Asia Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC) and the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) and an affiliate member of the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT).