Founded in 2009, SaladStop! is the pioneer of a quick service concept focusing on serving food that is flavorful, healthy and fresh. Currently operating more than 30 outlets, SaladStop! is quickly approaching their vision of becoming the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company serving the best tasting, most nutritious salads and wraps.

With the motto “Eat Wide Awake”, SaladStop! emphasizes the importance of a person’s knowledge of what goes into their body, and is their commitment to finding the best possible ingredients to feed the mind, body and spirit by taking into consideration the environment, animal welfare, as well as the food chain. This motto is reflected in the global shift towards leading healthier lifestyles, which has led to a significant rise in demand for food that is not only good-tasting but also nutritious.

Currently a leading presence in Singapore and Manila, SaladStop! is now targeting markets in Japan, Malaysia, Switzerland and Indonesia. SaladStop! is heavily focused on expanding throughout Asia and other markets in the next few years.

One of the main successes of SaladStop!’s through international expansion has been in their ability to develop recipes which cater to the local flavours while balancing a variety of international tastes.