December 5, 2016
If you’re anything like me you hate social media with a white-hot passion yet you feel oddly compelled to put garbage into it on a regular basis, to your great shame. Thankfully there is now a service that can create a book about your year in social media, allowing you to seethe both offline and online, a boon to this plugged-in generation.

The service is called MySocialBook and it’s quite simple. You feed it your social media accounts and it automatically generates a multi-page book, dedicating a few pages to each month. I ran a book for 2015 and I got to see my pointless gripings, baby photos, and inane comments in living color in a very nicely printed paperback book. It’s a really nice product – you feel like you’re seeing little snippets of your year – and the design is clever and clear. The books start at $11 for softcover and $13 for hardcover.

While I’m obviously not the right audience for this product it was nice thumbing through the pages to see my photos with my favorite people and the fun cover featured my happy daughter. Like a baby book, MySocialBook is probably not something you reach for every day but it will be fun to see photos and comments from 2015 when you’re old and gray or I suppose that’s the hope.

Luckily the algorithm only picks out popular posts in your social media feed and it seems to have some smarts when it comes to photo selection. I didn’t see many duds when I was thumbing through the book. Although I’m still on the fence whether or not my social media is important at all, MySocialBook definitely adds a little bit of import to an otherwise maudlin part of my online life. The product ships six days after creation which means it could be a nice holiday gift for a favorite Facebooker in your life. Further, a physical book of your social media content can remind you that you are alive.